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Again Composure Ritual Everything Must Go Nelson Mandela Brady Through His Eyes Ganesha Remover of Obstacles Rhyme Rhythm Jollity, Abundance, Splendor Havasu Falls Bathers Bather 3 Bather 1 Pieta Bathers in Yearning's Stream Bond Yoni Sutra Yaun Sutra Vajra Sutra Cherry Blossoms Madonna and Child Left-hand side of the diptych 'Not For Heat So Much As Light' Rest Stop 1, from the diptych 'Not For Heat So Much As Light' Sun Salutation on the Arkansas River Rendering Rendering Deer Crossing Deer Jingle Bells

Chair Number 1 Chair Number 2 Chair Number 3 Chair Number 4


Significant Details series

Significant Detail No.1 Significant Detail No.2 Significant Detail No.3 Significant Detail No.4 Significant Detail No.5 Significant Detail No.6 Significant Detail No.7 Significant Detail No.8 Significant Detail No.9 Significant Detail No.10 Significant Detail No.11 Significant Detail No.12 Significant Detail No.13

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New Three Dimensional

Lamina Book of Flight Air Force Electronic Studio Desk 2011


Water Memory series

Water Memory No.1 Water Memory No.2 Water Memory No.3 Water Memory No.4 Water Memory No.5 Water Memory No.6 Water Memory No.7 Water Memory No.8 Water Memory No.9 Water Memory No.10 Water Memory No.11 Water Memory No.12 Water Memory No.13 Water Memory No.14


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Where prints are offered, various sizes are available, in addition to the listed size.
Pricing is based primarily on size.
Prints are professionally made with permanent pigments on archival papers. Contact Michael to inquire.


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