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Water Memory series

Water Memory No.1 Water Memory No.2 Water Memory No.3 Water Memory No.4 Water Memory No.5 Water Memory No.6 Water Memory No.7 Water Memory No.8 Water Memory No.9 Water Memory No.10 Water Memory No.11 Water Memory No.12 Water Memory No.13 Water Memory No.14


Earlier Abstracts

Torso 1 Torso 2 Real and Imaginary Swirlcave




Boys in the Machine

Untitled (nobility)<br>An Illustrated Chandelier. Painting, beading, jewelry by Aysegul Gedizmen and Michael Christopher. Operator Boy: Kyle The Infrared Harp Infrared Harp assemblies To Make Little Boys Like You Ask Questions Boy Contemplating Tube


Conceptual and Performance Art

Time Manifesto performance Citeration: Urban scene 1 Citeration: Urban scene 2 Citeration: Echo Bike Citeration: Street 1 Citeration: Street 2 Poster: The Ring Karmangaen Stories Room Should Smell Like Limeade


Where prints are offered, various sizes are available.
Pricing is based on size and whether the print is part of a signed and numbered edition.
Prints are professionally made with permanent pigments on archival papers. Contact Michael to inquire.


The Ring (1987 Phoenix Projext performance, 1988 Mayfest/Surroundings performance)

Boys in the Machine (1987-88, Living Arts of Tulsa)

Time Manifesto (1990, TuCCA performance)

Karmangaen Stories (1984, 1986 American Music Week performance, 1989 TuCCA performance)

Teeth People (1986, downtown Tulsa performance)

Citeration (1987, Oklahoma City performance)


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